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“When Lynduaris collided with earth, the world stood still. Then when it started moving again, we took flight and ascended into the dark abyss.” ~Captain Hornman 2136

Ascension the Dark Abyss is a sci-fi roleplaying game that follows the stories of Jumpers. Reckless adventurers who are sent into deep space to explore new planets and claim large plots of land to sell to interstellar companies.
The life of a Jumper is one of excitement, danger and lots of money. Where the rewards for succesful Jumper missions can make a man rich, they are also renown for being lethal. Giving your average Jumper a lifespan of 9 months.

On this site you will find any and all lore, battlereports and sneak peaks for the game. So stay tuned and check back.

Keep rocking cowboys!

Ascension The Dark Abyss